Saturday, December 27


Top: Bebe (cropped myself) / Shorts: Thrifted / Boots: Jessica Buurman

Bleh, I know I'm the worst blogger! I wish I had a regular schedule- but honestly right now I don't. So for now posts will be sporadic!

Christmas has been good to me this year, I got so many goodies and lots of clothes (obvi!) that I'm so very grateful for. My cousin gave me this Bebe turtleneck that I decided to chop up, because it was too modest for my taste, heh. And if you know anything about me, it's that I used to LOATHE turtlenecks. Like I would cry if my mom even came near me with one. And now...I love them! Since I cropped it, I love the contrast of the long neck and then cropped bottom (so many people were confused). I've also been so into baggy man pants, as I call them, so I paired that with my thigh high Chanel dupes. Oh and FYI, it's like 60 degrees right now in Louisiana, so I can get away with showing some skin since I don't have to brave the harsh winter winds that some of you do. 

Thursday, December 4

Not Your Average Schoolgirl

Top: Thrifted / Shorts: Urban Outfitters / Beret: Oasap / Shoes: Doc Marten's 

The backdrop might not be ideal, but it gets the job done, right? I took these pics real quick after school, and I love the lighting by my window. I felt very 'rebel schoolgirl-esque' with my Doc Marten's and leather shorts. And the beret is always for added sass effect. You're probably also wondering why I'm wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in December...well it's currently 70 degrees in Louisiana, yeah cool I know! (So much sarcasm I can taste it)

As for the last picture, some may deem this inappropriate or whatevs, but I just wanted to talk about how I've been exploring and learning more about my sexuality lately. I mean, a picture of me flashing you my bra isn't very sexual in my opinion, sorry bout it. But I've been so open to new sexual experiences and it's shaping who I'm becoming, which I warmly welcome! Women as sexual creatures have been shunned and deemed inappropriate or corrupt in the world we currently live in. I just want to say to all my fellow women, embrace it, love it, and there is nothing wrong with sex! It's so liberating to find out new things about yourself once you've completely stripped down, and you're so vulnerable. 

Hopefully will keep updating soon! 

Saturday, November 22

A slight comeback?

Top: Thrifted and DIYed / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Sammydress / Glasses: Prada 

I bet you're all thinking, "Holy crap, she's alive!". And yes, I'm here to confirm that. I honestly apologize with my whole heart, the only explanation I can give- life. Changing relationships, new job opportunities, school, etc. Things happen, and I'm really sorry they prevented me from being a good blogger! Anyway, I hope to start posting more regularly- the only problem now is that I don't have space around my apartment to take good quality ones, but I'm coming up with ways to be creative. 

Now onto these magnificent pictures. As I've been away for so long, I've started growing more and realizing new things about myself. One of those things is that it honestly feels amazing to surround yourself with like-minded and artistic people. Camille, one of my best friends, is a testament to that. She is so passionate and to me it comes across in her photography. Here's the link to more of her work- please go check it out, she's phenomenal. We had a great time shooting, it was beautiful out and the wind was blowing perfectly. I get pretty awkward with people when they're taking my pictures, mainly because I can't see what I look like or what my face is doing- but with Camille it comes naturally. I felt so at ease and I think that comes across in the pictures. 

Now onto the outfit. I've been really into buying thrifted pieces and making them new and unique for my style. This sweater for instance, I loved the color and length, but wanted it to be a lil bit more sassy (bc I am the queen of sass) so I cut some slits in the side and VOILA! now I have a cape for my front and back. And this skirt? Freaking come on. I thought it looked beautiful against the red sweater and multicolor of my shoes. It's so delicate and fairy-like, something I don't usually gravitate toward. But then again, my style has never been stable, so why not try new things? 

Again, thank you to all who stayed with me through this little hiatus, I genuinely appreciate it! Ily <3 

Tuesday, September 2

"It's hot outside?"

Swimsuit: Modcloth / Jacket : Miss KL / Boots: Jessica Buurman / Hat: Purple Cow 

I know I know, "You said you would post regularly!?". I thought I would be able to, but school and work have consumed my life. But I pinky promise you I'm dressing to kill everyday for school. I'll probably start posting ootd's on Instagram, if you'd like to keep up! 

I adore this swimsuit. I decided to jazz it up with a fake furry coat (bc why not) and some daaaaamn sexy thigh high boots. I didn't actually wear this outside, though I wish I would have. I thought it would be cool to photoshop myself instead. So if this is a yes, let me know! It'll be a lot easier since I don't have much space in my apartment to take pictures. Instead I can photoshop myself into random places, ya?

Thursday, August 14


Top: Thrifted / Jeans: XXI / Dress: / Shoes:

Wow...almost a month I haven't blogged and I'm terribly sorry for that! I've realized that I have been blogging for others and not myself, so I feel like that break was necessary. I felt that I had to blog or else some imaginary force was going to punish me, and we all know that's not the case. I now see blogging as something for myself, that I enjoy solely because I want to document my style, aesthetic, and beliefs over time to watch my journey. I'm sorry if I've let some of you down, but I'm trying to get back on a regular schedule. It's also quite challenging when my apartment is so small and I have no backyard space! So I'm trying out some cool photoshopping techniques that may work, stay tuned! 

These pictures were taken right before I left for California. My roommate was already there waiting for me, so I had to use the stairs and a tripod, creative right? I loved this really ugly orange high-necked sweater and thought a bit of white cloth peaking out would only add more awesomeness. And these boots have been my go-to shoes because 1) metallic 2) see through and 3) they're boots. 

I also really like how some of them are out of focus, it just makes me seem like a staircase ghost, which is always a good thing. 

Tuesday, July 15

Icee Kween

Above by Mary Claire

Above by Camille 

Top: Oasap / Shorts: Miracle Eye / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 

I had a nice day out with a couple of friends the other day for some shooting that they had in mind. First we were doing almost a Rebel Schoolgirl look, hence the pigtails. I'll definitely share those pictures sometime soon, don't worry! But after I brought a change of clothes and they took a couple shots of me for fun. They are both immensely talented and I had so much fun with them. Definitely go check both out!

I love how all of these turned out, and the Icee just adds to the look right? I guess I'll start using food as props...

Monday, July 7

i blame myself

jeans: diyed / tube top: thrifted / bra: herroom

Looks familiar doesn't it? Lately I haven't been going out too much, which means no outfits. So I've decided to get creative and share with you things I've been making myself or diy'ing, seeing that it does tie into my fashion choices. And I've always had an admiration for photography, so it's thrilling to play with lighting and different poses. 

I've recently been learning how to sew, so I decided it would be fun to sew different words into a couple pieces of clothing. Of course 'Kween' was my favorite. I also added some pompoms to the back of these jeans for some extra spunk. 

The shadows are probably my favorite part of the photos. It adds another layer to the picture that enhances the overall experience of viewing it. Hope yall enjoy!