Saturday, December 27


Top: Bebe (cropped myself) / Shorts: Thrifted / Boots: Jessica Buurman

Bleh, I know I'm the worst blogger! I wish I had a regular schedule- but honestly right now I don't. So for now posts will be sporadic!

Christmas has been good to me this year, I got so many goodies and lots of clothes (obvi!) that I'm so very grateful for. My cousin gave me this Bebe turtleneck that I decided to chop up, because it was too modest for my taste, heh. And if you know anything about me, it's that I used to LOATHE turtlenecks. Like I would cry if my mom even came near me with one. And now...I love them! Since I cropped it, I love the contrast of the long neck and then cropped bottom (so many people were confused). I've also been so into baggy man pants, as I call them, so I paired that with my thigh high Chanel dupes. Oh and FYI, it's like 60 degrees right now in Louisiana, so I can get away with showing some skin since I don't have to brave the harsh winter winds that some of you do.