My name is MaKenzie, but I prefer Kenzie or Kenz.

I am an 18 year old high school senior, getting extremely excited for college. I want to do something with journalism, most likely fashion journalism since it is a combination of my two favorite things.

My blog name is very special to me and actually has a meaning. To me, fashion should express one's personality. Saying that I am the girl with only one eye simply means that I am looking at fashion from my point of view, and I'm going to portray my inner thoughts and desires through my clothing choices. It doesn't mean that I can't take inspiration from others, because I do that frequently. Plus it's kind of funny, cause I do have two eyes, I promise.

I honestly don't think I have a particular style, since I like to change it up a lot. I love that I don't have to be defined by one style, instead  I can dress however I please. Dressing differently each day is fun, which is how fashion should be.

I'm an Aquarius (2/10/96) and very proud of it. I've always been fascinated by astrology, recently realizing how much it truly changes my mood and my view of things. I also identify with feminism and pacifism, and will sometimes post things about those topics.

I also love almost any music style (except country) so don't be afraid to suggest songs/artists!

This blog is mainly about my outfits, inspirations, and sometimes what's going on in my life. Everyone needs an outlet, and this is mine. Hope you enjoy!

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