Saturday, November 22

A slight comeback?

Top: Thrifted and DIYed / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Sammydress / Glasses: Prada 

I bet you're all thinking, "Holy crap, she's alive!". And yes, I'm here to confirm that. I honestly apologize with my whole heart, the only explanation I can give- life. Changing relationships, new job opportunities, school, etc. Things happen, and I'm really sorry they prevented me from being a good blogger! Anyway, I hope to start posting more regularly- the only problem now is that I don't have space around my apartment to take good quality ones, but I'm coming up with ways to be creative. 

Now onto these magnificent pictures. As I've been away for so long, I've started growing more and realizing new things about myself. One of those things is that it honestly feels amazing to surround yourself with like-minded and artistic people. Camille, one of my best friends, is a testament to that. She is so passionate and to me it comes across in her photography. Here's the link to more of her work- please go check it out, she's phenomenal. We had a great time shooting, it was beautiful out and the wind was blowing perfectly. I get pretty awkward with people when they're taking my pictures, mainly because I can't see what I look like or what my face is doing- but with Camille it comes naturally. I felt so at ease and I think that comes across in the pictures. 

Now onto the outfit. I've been really into buying thrifted pieces and making them new and unique for my style. This sweater for instance, I loved the color and length, but wanted it to be a lil bit more sassy (bc I am the queen of sass) so I cut some slits in the side and VOILA! now I have a cape for my front and back. And this skirt? Freaking come on. I thought it looked beautiful against the red sweater and multicolor of my shoes. It's so delicate and fairy-like, something I don't usually gravitate toward. But then again, my style has never been stable, so why not try new things? 

Again, thank you to all who stayed with me through this little hiatus, I genuinely appreciate it! Ily <3 

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  1. Long time no see! You look great dear, those photos are amazing