Thursday, December 4

Not Your Average Schoolgirl

Top: Thrifted / Shorts: Urban Outfitters / Beret: Oasap / Shoes: Doc Marten's 

The backdrop might not be ideal, but it gets the job done, right? I took these pics real quick after school, and I love the lighting by my window. I felt very 'rebel schoolgirl-esque' with my Doc Marten's and leather shorts. And the beret is always for added sass effect. You're probably also wondering why I'm wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in December...well it's currently 70 degrees in Louisiana, yeah cool I know! (So much sarcasm I can taste it)

As for the last picture, some may deem this inappropriate or whatevs, but I just wanted to talk about how I've been exploring and learning more about my sexuality lately. I mean, a picture of me flashing you my bra isn't very sexual in my opinion, sorry bout it. But I've been so open to new sexual experiences and it's shaping who I'm becoming, which I warmly welcome! Women as sexual creatures have been shunned and deemed inappropriate or corrupt in the world we currently live in. I just want to say to all my fellow women, embrace it, love it, and there is nothing wrong with sex! It's so liberating to find out new things about yourself once you've completely stripped down, and you're so vulnerable. 

Hopefully will keep updating soon! 

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