Tuesday, September 2

"It's hot outside?"

Swimsuit: Modcloth / Jacket : Miss KL / Boots: Jessica Buurman / Hat: Purple Cow 

I know I know, "You said you would post regularly!?". I thought I would be able to, but school and work have consumed my life. But I pinky promise you I'm dressing to kill everyday for school. I'll probably start posting ootd's on Instagram, if you'd like to keep up! 

I adore this swimsuit. I decided to jazz it up with a fake furry coat (bc why not) and some daaaaamn sexy thigh high boots. I didn't actually wear this outside, though I wish I would have. I thought it would be cool to photoshop myself instead. So if this is a yes, let me know! It'll be a lot easier since I don't have much space in my apartment to take pictures. Instead I can photoshop myself into random places, ya?

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