Thursday, July 11

♦ Hong Kong Garden ♦

Everything Thrifted, Dress {American Apparel}

So this would be considered my classy Sunday look. I normally don't look this girly, but I kinda dig it. When I first saw this American Apparel Dress, I thought it was part of a dance costume due to the fabric, but of course I tried it on anyway. The color is beautiful and perfect for summer. Coincidentally, Miranda, from Let's Get Flashy wore this dress in one of her recent posts. Of course it looked fab on her- go check it out! 

I finally put a video together of one of Claud & I's adventures that we took a long time ago:

I just bid on these AH-mAZING shoes on eBay, and it was quite a scary experience waiting until the last 10 seconds. BUT I WON. And I will never take them off once I get them:


  1. Love the dress and how you styled it! perfect!

  2. Wow that dress is such a pretty color! btw your hair is amazingggg!<3
    Penny Rose

  3. thank you for commenting on my blog! do you want to follow each other? let me know :) xxx

    1. No problem and sure I would love to! (: