Thursday, July 18

Teen Titans

Top: TJ Maxx / Everything Else- Thrifted 

Woah I absolutely adore these shorts I recently purchased. It was part of a sleep set and I just bought the whole thing-why not. Defo won't be wearing them for sleep tho, they are my new party pants (shorts). 

Claudia and I decided to try a night shoot and it was actually pretty fun, aside from the creepy noises and red eyes. Before tho, we went to our favorite pizza place and were bouncing with excitement for our traditional pizza, the Macaroni Pizza. Guess what? They. Didn't. Have. It. (cue loud sobbing) I just wanted my mac n cheese pizza man, why u gotta be like that. 

Well my family and I are going on a vacation to the mountains Saturday morning, but I should have a couple more posts while I'm there- get excited for the cabin, wildlife, and obnoxious nature pics. 


  1. Love those boots and the retro color and style of your tank top! Reminds me of the 90's. :D Great vintage look!

    Mac and cheese pizza is the best thing on Earth. So sad you got deprived of that goodness, bro. :/ You can make it easily, though! If you have a rice cooker, there are some easy mac and cheese rice cooker recipes. Get some crust from the grocery, add the mac and cheese mixture and you're done! I've used BBQ sauce as a base. Recently, I used some store bought alfredo sauce with awesome results. Cheap and easy! :DDD

    - Anna

    1. thank you! omg i just showed my friend this and she said we are definitely going to try it, thanks for the tips!! (: