Monday, October 28

Remember My Name

Sweater: Friend's / Button Up: Thrifted / Jeans: Thrifted / Shoes: Irregular Choice (

I feel like these garage pics are slightly awkward, but blog pics are normally awkward right? My mom bought me a cool tripod, so I set up right in front of my dad's shop, not really paying attention to all the cars passing by (which is always weird). 

I love these jeans. Period. They're high waisted and the perfect color. And not to mention they're Ralph Lauren and I only got them for 4 dollars. YAS. That shell choker is actually a bracelet I got from my friends/sisters a loooong time ago when they went to Hawaii. I just found it in my drawer and thought it looked nice as a choker, so bam

Thank god it is finally looking like fall, even though this week will probably go right back to being hot. I love cold weather just because I have an excuse to wear my fur and velvety pieces. This is why I should have been born somewhere cold, gosh

New music obsession: Yuna


  1. you always look amazing! love the shoes <3

  2. Love the outfit! It look supercool!
    Thank for following, followed back;)

    1. Thanks lovely, looking forward to your next post!!

  3. Like your jeans! Thanks for passing by my blog! xx

  4. such a lovely look!!

    xx Mounia

  5. you have such a unique sense of style! I love this outfit especially the jeans :)

  6. Love this outfit so much! Your shoes are amazing and your jumper is so cute!
    Sarah x

  7. that song is so chill! blog pics are super awkward indeed, i always think my neighbours are gona see me and think I am a vain weirdo.. love your sense of humour!
    rara from RepeatPiece