Monday, June 17

Rebel Beat

Top: Purple Cow / Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren (Goodwill score) / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Simon / Purse: Purple Cow

I'm sorry if you're getting sick of the pictures in front of my house, but I absolutely love it. I love the stairs and columns and two little pot thingys. Idk man, it's cool.

I also am in love with these new pants I recently got. I wear a lot of the same bottoms most of the time, so I've been trying to acquire more as to add some diversity to my bottom collection.  But if I could, I would honestly wear these all the time. I found them at Goodwill for 3 dollah, and didn't even notice the brand until I got home and showed my mom. They are Polo Ralph Lauren, hence the amazing quality. They're a tad long, so I'll roll them up most of the time, no biggie. 

Tbh, this is probably one of my favorite outfits, just because it's so comfy yet still me. And we can all laugh about the fact that it was around 90 degrees, yet I still wear pants and long sleeve shirts. Elohel. 


Also, you should jam to this song:

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