Friday, January 24

Get Some

These are all pictures from my "date" with myself. Enjoy! 

1&2: I've always loved looking at the sky and the clouds. For some reason it fascinates me that blobs of white can float around in the sky. 

3: Me being a weirdo with my favorite food- Cheeze- Its. I've never been one for fancy and expensive food. Plain and simple is how I like it. (Basically if you get me french fries or cheeze-its, we are married.) I really enjoy listening to music as well when I'm outside. I just makes me feel connected with the earth and myself. These are actually my favorite headphones, they are Marc by Marc Jacobs. I claim to be the creepy girl on the side...

4: My outfit of the day. I wore some overalls with a cropped sweater and some coral socks. It wasn't too cold that day, but the wind was blowing, so I decided a sweater and socks were needed. 

5: My mom has beautiful decoration all over our house, but this is probably my favorite. I always stand in front of it and see which parts of me are reflected in the tinier parts of the glass decor. 

6: This was taken in my parents bathroom. The windows are so cool and I always sit by their tub and look out through the windows. Everything you see, whether if you're looking in or out, is distorted. 

7: I was going shopping and I passed by this field area by my house. So I quickly grabbed my camera and took a pic, while trying not to swerve into oncoming traffic (don't try this at home...) 

I did not feel like going to see a movie or walk around a museum, so I decided to have fun at my house. To me it's a date because I got to know myself better, and my perfect date idea (yes, I have one...) would be a simple picnic with my partner and I listening to music and staring up at the sky. I love to dance, so of course once I put my headphones on, I couldn't resist. So here's a lil' video of me frolicking about: 


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment !

    I totally love your blog, and that video OMG haha !!

    You have a twitter ? Oh and I follow you ;)

    xx Inès

    1. No problem! Thanks so much haha I know I love dancing and it was too much fun to make! Yes I do have a twitter, it's at the top under my header! I follow you as well, looking forward to more amazing posts! <3