Wednesday, January 29


Top: Friend's / Kimono: Frock Candy / Pants: Thrifted / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Glasses: Gift

There are just some days where I feel like being comfortable and messy. I love anything oversized, so I tend to buy clothes that swallow my frame. These pants are at least 4 sizes too big, and that's why I love them. The print is also beautiful, almost like a weird snakeskin. And of course I will always find a way to show my belly button because belly buttons rule. 

Speaking of belly buttons, my birthday is fast approaching and I want to get my belly button pierced. But of course, I'm wimpy when it comes to needles so I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO (cue sad face). I may just man up or ask them to knock me out before....


  1. Love this outfit! You look so effortlessly chic

  2. Those pants are amazing!!! Those shoes mygod this whole look x

  3. Beautiful boho chic look! The shoes are fantastic!

    - Anna

  4. i love your looks <3 great post and great photoshoot