Tuesday, August 13

The Lost Housewife

Top & Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Irregular Choice

I felt like a housewife after going through these pictures. I also sorta look like I want to murder someone,which is interesting. It was raining outside that day, so we decided to move the party into our foyer/dinning room. I like how it came out though, our dinning room is pretty sassy. Sadly, we never use it since it's just there for show. What a tragedy..

Lately I've been trying to center my outfits on one key piece that stands out- in this case, the shoes. The look on my mom's face when I came down the stairs ready for church was priceless. She was horrified that I was wearing a purple top and bright blue shoes, it just didn't make sense to her. To me, it did. "Gosh mom, don't you see that the two colors compliment each other, plus with the brown skirt it neutralizes it. Duhhhhh." She looked at me like I was crazy (which I most likely am...)

Most of my outfits are also made up of thrifted clothes, simply because that's what I like. There aren't many stores around Baton Rouge that cater to what I like, so instead I thrift. Done and done. 

I've also thought of something new. At the end of every post I will put a picture (most likely from Tumblr) that inspired me that week/day. So here's the one for today:

Can we talk ab major rad-ness going on EVERYWHERE??? 

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  1. That skirt is fantastic <3 You're right though, the shoes really are the star of the show. Magnificent!

    - Anna