Wednesday, February 26


Top: Purple Cow / Romper: Peter Pilotto x Target / Shoes: Thrifted / Bowtie: Purple Cow

I've decided my blog pictures have evolved into repetitive poses, positions, and backgrounds, which is totally not rad, right? In this instance, I chose to Photoshop myself into random backgrounds that I thought were quite charming. I don't believe blog pictures should be about how good you look or what your background looks like, but instead focus on the clothing and outfit that you've created. Most of my pictures are taken with a tripod in my backyard or against the wall in my garage, which I'm totally okay with for now. I want my audience to focus more on my ensemble and less on my bitch face. 

This romper was a part of the Peter Pilotto collection for Target. Let me be explicitly honest and let you know that I did not know this designer before I learned of the Target collaboration. I find it extremely pretentious and silly when people buy designer items just to let everyone know they have the money to do so or that they think they are trendy. Of course I did not want to fall into this category, so I did my research before the collection was released to make sure I actually supported their designs and aesthetics. Obviously, I did. The prints were so mesmerizing and chaotic, yet organized and simple at the same time. I also bought a swim top that is slightly wet-suit inspired, which is totally acceptable in my case since I don't tan (Snow White over here..).

I also want to change the direction of this blog. I've had the mindset that this blog is strictly for fashion and nothing else. This boxed me in and limited my creativity. I've decided to update once daily during the week, but not on weekends. Each day will contain a certain topic of my choosing. Here is my outline so far:

1. Monday: Playlist for the Week 
2. Tuesday: Outfit Post 
3. Wednesday: YouTube video (if ready) or Blogger Spotlight
4. Thursday: Outfit Post
5. Friday: Inspiration/ Mantra for the Weekend

I've recently enjoyed filming videos and I am starting to update my YouTube more regularly. I want to incorporate worldly matters that are occurring, so there may be a post featuring that during the week as well. This isn't a strict plan that I HAVE to follow, so if I sometimes want to post something else I will. This is purely to aid me in channeling my creativity and sharing it with you lovely people. 

Thank you all for staying with me for this long and I hope you continue to for as long as this blog persists! 


  1. Amazing outfit and photos!

  2. Your romper (and your collages) looks fantastic! It's cute that the bow tie matches it so well :-)

  3. I am so so so loving these edits! LIke I just wanna keep looking at them!
    Totally know what you mean about the direction of a blog.
    Comnig back from India, I am just like well what now?!

    1. Thank you lovebug!! And I'm so excited you had that amazing opportunity, but sad it's over :( I know you'll continue with your creativity, cause you're always surprising me! Love ya!

  4. That romper is amazing <3 Fantastic colors!

    - Anna