Tuesday, January 7

Dance, Dance, Dance

Top: Thrifted / Jacket: Ann Taylor / Skirt: Frock Candy / Boots: XXI / Hat: Thrifted / Necklace: Gift

Before I even begin, I want to say that we should all pretend I'm not as pale as I am in these pictures, because I'm not. (Psh...) 

This is my first post of 2014, and I'm really excited to continue blogging this year. I made a lot of friends last year through blogging that I am extremely grateful for. I'm also very appreciative of you guys who take the time to comment and read my blog, so thank you! I won't bore you with my resolutions, but the main theme I'm concentrating on this year is self-love and respect. I want to focus on improving my beliefs along with the view I have of myself. I also finish high school and begin college this year, so that will be a whole new experience!

These were actually taken New Years day when it was misting and miserable. I love this little corner that we have by our patio out back. It has this dilapidated feel to it because of the moldy bricks, so get used to seeing it! 

I really enjoy wearing this hat with almost anything. It makes me feel extremely sassy and in charge, idk. I also adore this necklace my mom got me for Christmas. I told her I really wanted some bigger necklaces with color, and she did an amazing job picking them out. She also got me this skirt, and at first I was conflicted about the color, but once I paired it with the top I knew everything was going to be alright. (Because the world would halt if it hadn't worked out...how much of a diva could I be?) 


  1. This is a beautiful pairing! Perfect skirt and that hat is adorable! <3

    - Anna


  2. That top is adorable! So cute and love those boots! Wish I could wear that

    you look amazing


  3. Love that top and the necklace!