Wednesday, December 18

Strangeness & Charm

Top: Thrifted [Karen Kane] / Jeans: J Brand / Skirt: Tobi / Shoes: Sammydress

Have you ever created an amazing outfit and you felt superb, and then you walked outside and it ruined the happiness you felt? That's exactly what happened on this day. It was muggy and rainy, so of course my mood was a bit drab. But, I was very excited because a really really cool girl from my school, Lily, wanted to take some pictures of me. She is an extremely talented photographer, sooo chill, and she loves pizza rolls {that is a very valid characteristic}. I do have to say that I was severely awkward and reserved during this rendezvous, so for that I apologize Lily!!! Her stunning photography can be found here

Who says I can't be undeniably awkward in the face of someone I've never met, but be my usual confident self at the same time? I'm not one to tell someone my life story the moment I meet them, or be really chatty with them. I keep a close circle of friends with whom I'm comfortable being around, so it is very hard for me to show my character to someone I've never met. I normally come across as snooty or rude (chronic bitch face), but it simply comes down me not being comfortable with other people. That makes me sound like an extreme hermit, but it's the truth. Now, I can be undeniably awkward, but exude confidence at the same time. I love myself enough to embrace my personality and not shy away from it. So yes, it is possible to be socially awkward but a total diva at the same time. (case closed)

I bought this skirt from Tobi knowing I was going to use it as a layering piece. It is noticeably short, so I don't believe I will be wearing it alone. I love the tulle, as it makes me feel like a puffy princess [all girls want to feel like this, don't kid yourself]. Wearing it over jeans was wonderfully comfortable and added a bit of diva to the outfit (a diva is the female version of a hustler...justsayin). 

P.S. IT'S ALMOST FREAKIN CHRISTMAS (2 more exams bby) 


  1. Gorgeous pictures <3 love that tutu

  2. That umbrella is so perfect and what a beautiful smile ^_^ Great job with this!

    - Anna

    1. Awww thank you so much, you're always so sweet!! (:

  3. OH MY GODDD this look is perfect! And the photos are lovely 'cause you look so happy. :)