Thursday, December 26

Artist Revelation: Olivia Bee

All images from Olivia Bee's site

I apologize for my absence lately, but I've been quite ill. All I've been doing is lying in bed while watching movies or dragging myself to work. I did have a lovely holiday though with my family, and I hope you did as well! 

As I said before, I would be featuring many people who inspire me on the blog, and Olivia Bee is yet another. She is an photographer from Portland, Oregon who started her work early on. At 14, she was already doing campaigns for major brands like Converse. I think I'm so drawn to her work because she is close to my age, and captures images that I can appreciate and that appeal to my beliefs at this stage in my life. I have probably stalked all her Q&A's on Youtube and I don't regret it one bit. I encourage you to browse her website and fall in love with her photography. 

Hopefully I get better soon so I can actually put on real clothes and not sweatpants. Hope you all have a lovely holiday and spend it with the ones you love!  

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