Tuesday, December 10

Colossal Girl Crush: Arabelle Sicardi

All images take from Fashion Pirate 

Tuesdays are a bore, but what else is new? Actually there is something new. I'm going to start featuring bloggers who inspire me in most of my outfits or my beliefs. Some you may know, and some you may not. 

My first blogger is the lovely Arabelle Sicardi from Fashion Pirate. We can all agree that her name is as ethereal as a clan of fairies whizzing through the forest {because that really does happen, shoo you non-believers}.  Her bio says, "I believe in girl power and pin-up girls. I am anything but your manic pixie dream [riot] grrrl, but I am a mermaid. We can hang if you wanna." Uhm can we really? Who doesn't want to hang out with fashionable mermaid? Her ever-changing hair color also proves her mermaid authenticity, along with her superb makeup skills. 

What drew me the most to her blog was definitely the structure and layering that she incorporates within each outfit. I mean, that skirt in the first picture says it all. She finds the most unique pieces and mixes them to make them fit her style, which is way cool. 

I follow her Tumblr as well, which involves copious amounts of fierce selfies and life lessons. If you aren't following her already on any social media, shame on you mermaid haters. 


  1. I'd never heard of this beaut until now but I love her style and she sounds like an awesome person! <3

    1. She is one of those people who you admire for her ideals as well as her kick ass fashion sense. Definitely check her out! (: