Monday, September 16

The Love Club ☼♫☼

Bustier: Mom's / Flannel: Goodwill / Skirt: Thrift Store / Shoes: GoJane

I feel like there's a ton going on in this outfit, but I love it. First off, the shoes. As soon as I saw them on GoJane, I knew I was buying them. It was a tough call between the black and silver, but I'll probably wear black more. I may have to just buy the silver ones too... I feel like a sassy gladiator no lie. Like I could totally kick your butt, but I'll look fine as hell doing it, ya kno?

I love this vintage bustier that my mom had. She used to wear it a lot and gave it to me randomly one day, total score. 

I also just bought these shorts and I'm kinda sorta weeping inside rn:


  1. This outfit is definitely a yes from me! It looks so cool and effortless, AMAZING! Loving the blog too so you have a new follower :) Thanks for following mine! Look forward to more posts from you :)