Monday, July 29

Dragon Tales

Everything thrifted 

Yes, I'm still alive. So sorry for the lack of posts! I was under the impression that the cabin we were staying in for vacation had WiFi...I was horribly wrong. That week made me realize how attached I am to technology though, quite scary. 

I got these shoes at the thrift store for 6 bucks and I was so excited. Yes, I know they look like grandma shoes, but I'm basically an old lady trapped inside a 17 yr old's attractive! They were super comfy and easy to walk in. I guess buying thrift store shoes proves me wrong, because after I got home, they snapped in half. Nothing a little super glue won't fix...? Also, who loves this dragon jacket? I feel like Mulan takin down the Huns, GURL POWER. 

I've made some changes to the blog and I'm quite happy with how they turned out. I'll also try to do more inspiration type posts so I don't bore you with my 'i hate u' face. 

here is a sassy gif to make ur monday better:

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