Tuesday, June 11

living like a chump

Top: Old, from Elise / Dress: Purple Cow (lingerie) / Shoes: Old Spiked Flatforms / Sunnies: Brooks Brothers (LensCrafters) / Flower Headband: Etsy shop 

chumpy chumpy chumper 

This weekend after the ACT, my sister and I spent the night with my grandparents. I love going to their house, not only to spend time with them, but they also have such a beautiful backyard and patio area. They recently added an indoor patio area equipped with a TV, a bunch of fans, and cute little cowboy decorations. I sat in there for about an hour reading one of my summer reading books for school, and it was so peaceful. I took some pics of the things around their yard that I love, including their dog Roscoe. Well, not when he's attacking me and scratching me with his razor-blade nails...

I didn't get to take outfit pics at their house, but I took these when I got back. My grandpa insisted on buying my sister and I a pair of sunglasses, whatever kind we wanted. And those were the ones I got. I la la la la love them~ Also, Elise recently gave me a buttload of earrings from her aunt that she can't wear. These were probably my favorite just because it's a cat. And the pattern is like, WHAT. 

I FINALLY changed the blog name like I wanted to. I'm so indecisive when it comes to this sort of thing. But I think I've finally gotten it to where I like it. so yah.

have a chumpy day (whatever that means) 


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    1. thank u! i wear them so much, as u can see the black stain on the front, haha!