Saturday, June 8

Kids in the Street

I'm a planner. It's what I do. So when my plan doesn't go according to schedule I get mad. MAD. You can imagine my state after this little story:

Claudia and I planned to see The Purge last night. We even got our goodies, which consisted of teas and starbust gummies. Our excitement level was already too high for girls our age. Giddily going up to the box office, I asked for two tickets. Imagine my surprise when they asked for my ID. Okay no big deal. I'm 17, whatever. But then, the story takes a turn for the worse. The sassy man asks for Claudia's ID as well. (Little tidbit, she's only 16.) Our little hearts fell to the ground, knowing we wouldn't be able to see the movie.

Okay, a tad weird, but whatever. That's what happened and it was not a good moment. But, good thing we are chill, so we just feasted instead at a local restaurant. BUT STILL, WHAT THE HECK SIR? No one ID's. NO.ONE. Whatever, we spent our money elsewhere you bootyhead. 

There's my rant. Not really a rant...?


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