Monday, April 1

Cool Kids Can't Die

Top: Elise's Grandmaw's (with some embellishments) / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Target 

Okay so lately I've been in a crafty mood, and I love doing random things to objects that I acquire. Elise recently went through her grandmaw's closet and gave me a bunch of stuff that's so rad and I love it! Tanks boo. And this shirt was one of those things. It was originally a long sleeve shirt, so I cut it up and stuck a flowers and rhinestones on it. I think it's cool okay...
Now, let's talk about these shoes. The Easter bunny dropped these off in my basket and even though I was half asleep when I saw them, I was in love. Yeah, they're pretty weird but so what. I like that they are more flatformish, if that makes sense. And even though they've got random colors I love them. Perfect for my summer outfits. 
So I'm just gonna continue eating my Heavenly Hash while listening to the Black Keys (new obsession) and trying to work my new phone. 

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