Friday, April 5

Everlasting Light

Top: Elise's grandmaw / Shorts: old thrifted / socks: Elise's grandmaw / Boots: XXI

Woah these pics had to be brightened up a's weird. It's cloudy but then randomly the sun comes out and a gust of wind decides to knock me down. That's why my hair is basically flying in these. Well, I'm about to go film a video with some rad girls from school. I honestly don't know what we are doing yet, I was just told to bring a ton of clothes and makeup. So, I will most likely take some pics during it, just to show you. 
I recently got a ton of new stuff from Elise's grandmaw since she is currently moving and cleaning out everything. She is such a baller no lie. This shirt/top is one of my favorites. It's extremely light and perfect for summer since it's always steaming down here. She gave me a lot of colored socks, some high and some about mid length. 

See ya goons l8r. 

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