Sunday, March 24

Cotton Candy Laced in Gold

Dress: Urban Outfitters / Jacket: Karmaloop / Shoes: MissKL / Hat: Forever 21

I FINALLY GOT THE BAD BOIZ! I love them so much. Surprisingly they are very comfy, even though they weigh a ton. I thought the were gonna be hard to walk in, but nope, it's so easy. 
Okay so it's been hot and nasty lately, but today it was freezing, hence the furry coat. As soon as I walked outside *BAM* windstorm. Story of my life. 

Hopefully this week goes by fast cause then it's spring break, wut wut. Party at the Godso Grotto.
...I can't. I also filmed like a little review/ revealing of my shoes so go watch it dudez. 

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, I leave you with my awkward self:

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