Saturday, March 23

Lost Weekend

Top: American Apparel (Thrifted) / Shorts: Thrifted / Jean Shirt: Dad's / Shoes: eBay / Floral Crown: Etsy

Please excuse my jungle hair today. It was so nasty and muggy outside my hair literally puffed up the first minute I was outside. Anyway, it's basically a lazy Saturday so don't expect anything other than tanks and silky satin shorts. I was tired and lazy, so this was the product of that. I love the color of the shorts though and they are very soft. The shoes are the ones I got for my bday and they are pretty comfy. 

So, I'm sitting by the door waiting for the mailman with my Jeffies. I'm so excited and I probably won't take the shoes off for a good 24 hours. I may film an unboxing if I'm not going crazy over them.

See ya.