Wednesday, March 27

Floral Cadets

Dress: Mom's / Leather Vest: Thrifted / Thigh highs: XXI / Shoes: Wendybox

This is from the weekend but I wanted to be able to post something during the week, so I saved it. This week has been crazy with school, but thank God tomorrow is the last day before spring break! I found this dress from my mom recently and it is one of her old slips that she would put on while she was getting ready in the morning. It's really soft and light so I'm not sweating my face off in it. 

I was reading a blog called Onyx-Eye and she starting posting some of her Polyvore looks so her blog wouldn't be repetitious with all the outfit posts. I think it's a good idea, so I may start doing that once a week, I will see. But it was her idea and I def recommend looking at her blog, pure genius!  

Get excited for next week, lots of new outfits and maybe even a couple of videos, wut wut.

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