Tuesday, May 13

Ritual Union

Top, Jeans, Boots: Thrifted 

As of late I've been inspired by menswear and really baggy clothing choices. So me being me, went to the store and got a pack of men's underwear, because I can (and they are so incredibly liberating, SO MUCH ROOM). I decided to style them with some really baggy jeans that I recently got and a plain shirt to make it more masculine. I'm also more into the raw images instead of touching them up, especially with these pictures. The light was shining through perfectly to catch the rawness of my outfit as well as my hair and makeup. 

I'm very excited to announce that I will be graduating this Sunday and moving into a new apartment in June! So stick with me as I become adjusted to everything coming my way! 

Love yall! 


  1. Great outfit and photos dear!