Monday, May 19


Top&Pants: Thrifted / Shoes: Demonia via eBay

I find it quite strange that we are on the verge of summertime and yet I still cocoon myself in dark, morbid color palettes. The dark colors have always been my comfort zone and I don't think I'm quite ready to give that up yet for summer. 

I sincerely apologize once again for my lack of blogging, but I had valid reason! This past week was my last week of exams, as well as my graduation! So trust me, everything leading up to graduation was seemingly stressful, but also very fun filled. I'm so excited to move onto adulthood and make a handful of mistakes, but do so knowing that everything will work out. I'm ready to experience all that life has to offer me and do so with the people I love (including you guys!). 


  1. I love this background. You remind me of a spooky mime in a crumbling Victorian courtyard. Also, the composition in the fourth shot down is luscious.

    1. thank you! That was my favorite spot to take pics at my parents house