Tuesday, April 29


Swim Top: Motel / Swim Bottoms: ModCloth 

I really shouldn't be allowed access to a hose and camera at the same time...I had way too much fun frolicking in my backyard on this particular afternoon spraying the hose up at the sky and squealing like a little kid when the icy water came sprinkling back down onto my head. 

I've wanted a high-waist bikini since two summers ago, but of course I had to get the right one. I didn't want to have the same basic one that everyone else got, and once I found this one I was in love. First off, it has unicorns on it. Secondly, it hits me right below my belly button, which I think is suuuper flattering for my body (not that you have to wear things that flatter your body, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT AND ROCK IT). Lastly, it's got unicorns on it. I didn't want to get the matching top, because that would be just a lil too much unicorn ya feel, so instead I matched it with this joker-esque bikini top I got last summer from Asos. Ta-da, magikul

After my inner child settled down from the freezing water droplets dispersed on my head and body, I decided to enjoy the nice afternoon and laid out on a towel while reading a book. Whilst reading, I looked at my hand and noticed a dry patch of skin. I was fascinated looking at new skin growing over the old skin, forming many layers, and also with the pattern my skin makes. So I took a picture. This of course led me into a philosophical/existential thought path and I began thinking of everything. From my skin, to the bugs crawling underneath me, or the sound of the wind, and even the feel of grass underneath my foot. It made me appreciate myself, the earth, and anything living. I won't go into all the revelations I made, but next time you see a scab or dry patch, don't be disgusted by it, inspect it and marvel at the thought of how wonderful things are and how amazing your body is, all flaws and scabs included. 


  1. You look beautiful! That high-waisted bikini is amazing, love it!