Tuesday, April 22

Housewife pt 2

Dress: Thrifted / Shoes: MakeMeChic 

I know, you're probably like "what the hell is this???". Well for starters, it was Easter Sunday, so I felt the need to be a little festive, holiday cheer right? And when I saw this dress I immediately imagined it over some crazy printed pants to end up clashing the two patterns, but I decided to tone it down for mass. And then the shoes were just a perfect match! 

I'm currently on spring break and I'm not going to lie, it is so boring. I've been lying in bed and eating my Easter candy for the majority of the time. I've been feeling a disconnect from the world lately and I really have no clue how to approach it. I'm finishing high school soon and moving on to college, which means moving out of my home into an apartment, paying rent and other various things, and beginning my journey as an adult. As exciting as that sounds, I get extremely nervous. I think I know what I want to do, and then something comes along and forces doubt to overcome my senses. I get so scared that it's hard to breathe sometimes all due to the fact that I am uncertain about my future. I want to experience so many things, and not trap myself into one career field. But I think that's normal to feel that, right? 


  1. Great look dear! Love those heels


  2. Incidentally, you look just like a piece of candy. Cute.