Thursday, May 1


Urban Boy

Dominant Lolita

French Bitch

Modest Fairy 

Satanic Princess 

Model: Claudia / Photographer: Camille / Styling & Makeup: Me 

This past weekend, my friends and I decided to do a little shoot, which benefits all of us. Claudia for modeling, Camille for her photography, and me for my styling. To say it was fun was an understatement. We picked a bunch of stuff from my closet and put together themed outfits and met Camille at a beautiful little arboretum. 

I honestly have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to makeup, but when I see something I love I tell Claudia and we work together to make it happen since she's a makeup goddess. So now a little breakdown of each outfit:

Urban Boy: I wanted to make this really androgynous, yet feminine and sexy at the same time. So pairing the capri pants with this cropped sweater (I've had it since I was like 6 lawllllllllz) and showing a bit of underwear seemed like the perfect idea. The little clips in her hair serve as the feminine yet really urban aspect and ties everything in. And of course intense contouring makes her bitch face stand out even more. 

Dominant Lolita: I love everything about Lolita style so I wanted to somehow recreate it in my own way. I knew she would have pigtails and little pinkish circles on her cheeks to play up the innocent girl vibe. But then I saw my leather overall dress and knew we were gonna go a whole other way with the Lolita- make her a dominatrix. The pants underneath still tie into the Lolita theme due to the light pastel colors and sweet print. But then the leather on top makes her suuuuper badass. 

French Bitch: I love this hat and neck scarf, so it made perfect sense to do something along the lines of French. I wanted her to have a a fresh face, so we didn't do much makeup. Putting the lingerie nighty with the boyish striped shorts made me think of the dual meaning when someone thinks "French". On one hand, you've got the sweet and sexy lingerie, but on the other you have the stripes and bagginess that I think of when I think 'French boy'. And of course, Chucks to tie it in. 

Modest Fairy: I recently bought a lot of lingerie, this bra being my favorite of all. I immediately thought pairing it with this little tulle skirt would scream FAIRY. I put a little bit of green eye shadow on her lid and then pink all around with three little jewels on one eye. I liked her standing on the bridge, making it seem like she's the fairy tempting you into her realm. 

Satanic Princess: MY FAVORITE. Dear God I was breathless when I saw the pictures from this outfit. I'm really inspired by Brooke Candy, on all levels, and she had some intense eye makeup like this for a show, so I thought I would replicate it. Of course Claudia looks fucking amazing in my Bad Vibes shorts and then paired with those gladiator heels she looks like a devil-worshiping princess.  

I have to say none of this would have worked without the amazing skills that Claudia and Camille both have. I love them both so much and they are so freaking rad to work with! 

I'm going to post the rest of the pictures on my portfolio later, so keep an eye out for that (tab at the top of the blog!) 


  1. Satanic doesn't necessarily mean devil-worshipping. In fact it very rarely does. 2 very different things.

    1. It was just a title. No harm meant.

  2. We love the leather overalls and the way you've paired something more rough with a more feminine lace bra!