Tuesday, March 25

Sweet Sour

Top: Urban Outfitters / Dress: Thrifted / Shoes: Irregular Choice

Sometimes I get the urge to dress girly, get over it. 

I really enjoy the vibrancy of this dress, the blue is absolutely gorgeous. And any opportunity to wear these shoes, I definitely take it! 

I have been transitioning into a very sophisticated and confident phase that I really enjoy. It may be due to the fact that someone special has entered my life, that I'm making friends all over the world that I adore, or that I'm almost done with high school and can move into a new chapter of my life. Either way, happiness is prevalent! 

Love you guys <3


  1. Great look! Love those shoes!


  2. Cute! Those shoes are amazing, they're like a piece of art!

  3. This belongs in a magazine. Why wasn't I this cool at 18?