Tuesday, March 18

Rooftop Revival

Top: Purple Cow / Jeans, Cape, & Shoes: Thrifted / Glasses: Prada

Let's take a poll: Vogue Chef or Sensual Superhero?

Let's be honest, those two categories pretty much sum up this outfit. The sharp lines and cutouts on the cape/apron hybrid promote awkwardness and confusion that transforms most people's stares to "Is she wearing a cape, or an apron backwards?" 

I saw it in the dress section, so I stand by the dress perspective, even though I'm wearing clothing underneath it. It does prove slightly difficult to maneuver whilst peeing, I can attest to that. But otherwise, a very rad piece. 

I also really love the baggy appearance of the pants/capris. Yes, they are really ugly, but they appeal to me on some level, and that's all that matters. Since they are paired with the sassiness of the hot pink crop, balance is achieved! 

Don't forget to check out my portfolio, I should be adding more pictures soon!