Tuesday, May 7

Spellbound Anecdotes

I'm almost positive everyone looks up to one person who inspires them undeniably. In my case, I have two "idols", I guess you could say. Most likely, I sound like a crazy obsessed fan-girl right at this moment, but I can't bring myself to care. These two bloggers have honestly changed my perspective and mind-set in the past 3-4 months. I'm sort of a blogger virgin, shall we say, so I'm new to most of this. I love everything about it and enjoy it, even if I may be the only one reading it. Madeline and Isabel are my two idols. I've mentioned them a lot, but they quite honestly deserve it. 

I had to write a paper for my English class called "This I Believe". It could be about whatever we wanted, just something that we felt strongly about. Mine, obviously, was about fashion. Not just what clothes or shoes I obsess over, but fashion relating to personality. So, here is my "This I Believe":

This I Fashionably Believe
Grunge. Platforms. Boho. Vintage.
These words may not have any relevance to you whatsoever. Your assortment of words may associate with food, school, family, religion, or whatever it may be that holds your interest. These set of words however, relate to my life considerably. 
I’ve always been into expressing my personality in a slightly different way than the people surrounding me. Everyone has something that distinguishes them from the next person. Personally, mine is fashion. Beading, patterns, shoes, and style are the thoughts creeping in the dark corners of my mind throughout the day. Always there, lurking in the shadows.
The day that made me realize fashion was quite literally my passion is still clear in my mind. I myself have a blog, though not as successful as some of my idols, where I document my personal style choices and a few other beliefs I may want to share. Fashion bloggers are hidden all over the world, and should be proud of what they do as well as the inspirations they create. I follow two bloggers who influenced me to perceive fashion in a different aspect. I previously prided myself on being different and wanting to dress just to see the reactions of people who did not share my taste in clothing. But after studiously reading Madeline and Isabel’s blogs for a while, I realized that my mindset was completely off. They both are different in their own respective way, and value their own beliefs even if they may be criticized for it. They don’t dress to see reactions; they do it for personal satisfaction and contentment. I religiously check both blogs, and one day after updating my own blog, gained a notification. A very memorable notification. I posted an image on Instagram letting my followers know I updated my blog. After a few minutes, I got that notification saying “Isabel Hendrix has followed you on Instagram.”
“Excuse me, what? Is this real life?” Those were the questions floating through my head as I screamed continuously for a good five minutes. One of my idols followed me and LIKED my picture. I couldn’t believe what was happening. And to make things twenty times better, Madeline followed me as well. It may not seem like a life-changing moment to some people, but to me it was. For me, it symbolized that I was doing something right. I was doing what I wanted, for myself and no one else. Isabel and Madeline taught me that I should not worry what others think, I should do me. They instilled in me the belief that I can be whoever I want and dress how I like, while being happy and not giving a care in the world what the passerby’s think of me. I believe that everyone is worthy of self-expression. Whether it is through fashion, music, art, food, or family, it creates a sense of uniqueness and demonstrates personality. Personality should never be hidden from the world.

Stay cool. 


  1. Isabel just sent me a video of her crying over how sweet this post was! WE LOVE YOU, MAKENZIE!!!!!!

    1. AHHHH! Thank you, I love yall too!!!

    For the last year I've been obsessing and been inspired by these girls, who live half a world away from me! It feels so good to see another blogger who is just as passionate about other blogs and their owners!


  3. Wow. Thank you so much. It is so nice to hear that you like what we both write and dedicate our lives toooo! You are wonderful. <3
    Also, yes I did send Madeline a video as she described.. :3