Sunday, May 5

Meeting People Sucks

Top, Shorts - XXI

Top- Thrifted / Bottoms: XXI / Shoes: / Glasses Frames: Etsy

Okay, the first thing you've probably noticed is that neither of us is in the same background or an even remotely close area. I took these pics of Claudia yesterday since we can't always be together to take pics. So she just did a wardrobe change and tadaaaaa, another outfit was born. Her Jurassic Park shirt completes me. 

My sister took these pics of me today after church, and the wind was just going CRAY. Literally hair kept flying in my mouth..not cute. BUT, let's just talk about these shoes. I am completely obsessed with them. I got them for my ring ceremony, which was Friday night. They are so amazing and the flowers on the bottom are so cute. And I know I will be walkin around all summer in them, so just be ready. 

I also just got some new glasses frames that I posted yesterday, but here they are again. I don't wear my glasses all the time, but sometimes I just feel like wearing them. The frames are from an amazing Etsy shop that I linked up top. She has the coolest ones and they are really cheap too! 

Claudia also got some rad bracelets from Honduras for me. They are sort of like our friendship bracelets. One of them is purple and the other is a blue and green beaded one. We always used to buy the same bracelets and say "Oh, friendship bracelet, hollah!" But, we would always loose them or they would break. SO, this shall be the new bracelet and we will see how long that lasts....

Have a sunnnny Sunday.