Sunday, May 19

Live Rad. Be Rad. Stay Rad.

Everything Thrifted except skirt from XXI

Hey. Hi. Hola. HELLO. I apologize my brain is fried. 

Studying for exams is the worst especially with killer migraines. Not fun, no sir. I just have 4 exams and then I iz done, hallelujah! Okay I'm sure you don't care, so now onto the outfit. 
I just got this shirt from the Purple Cow, and I'm sorry, but who DOESN'T want a snakeskin shirt? You're crazy if you don't. I'm also in love with these shoes. I've worn them before but I can't get enough. They're supah comfy and remind me of a school girl...yah. 

This flower is the one I previously put on the blog and called it like some ice princess thingy. Well, now it's bloomed and it's just majestic. So yay for flower pics. 

I shall depart and attempt to study. (not happening)

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