Saturday, May 25

☼ Body Mod ☼

Everything Thrifted / Floral Headband: LovelyScum

I call this look, "I'm a pirate grandma." From the shirt to the shoes, it works. I just got some new summer tops, this being one of them. The cropped part combined with the little lace-up detail caught my eye, even though it's a basic top. Details are errything. These shoes are just some easy to slip on sandals that I liked, even though my grandma has the same pair I'm sure. It's hot as Hades down here now that summer has arrived so I gotta let me feet air out, ya know? 
Well now that summer is officially here, I can relax and start doing some modifications to the blog. It's not 100 % where I want it to be, so I'm fixing it. I'm changing the name (AGAIN, I KNOW) and probably playing with the layout of everything. I just want it to have a certain vibe, and I'm not feeling it right now. Don't worry your pretty little head though, it'll be radtastic.

Peace ▲

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