Sunday, April 14

Heartbreaker 101

Everything Thrifted, except boots from Urban Outfitters

As you can probably tell, the ground is wet, therefore a legit storm hit us not 30 minutes before I took these pictures. I have no idea why our weather is so bipolar. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny, and today is the complete opposite. How...?

Yesterday I took the ACT, and it was quite frightening. But my stomach was making whale noises the whole time, so I'm almost positive everyone in the room wanted to murder me. We only have a couple weeks of school left, and I'm more than excited. It's weird though because I will be a senior next year, and that's pretty trippy. 

Okay on to the outfit....don't you love when you forget about something in your closet and then one day it magically reappears? I love it. These boots have been with me for a while now, and I used to wear them pretty much every day. I just rediscovered them I guess you could say, and it was a magical moment. I got this white thing recently and decided to layer it over a skimpy dress to make it non-skimpy. Now you see my logic.

Enjoy your Sunday gooobs. 

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