Tuesday, March 19

Mimicking Banshees

Top: Thrifted / Pants: Forever 21 / Shoes: Elle Snakeskin Boots / All Jewelry: Thrifted, Gifts

Well ain't this a party. Wut...okay well this is actually from Sunday, but I wanted to have something to post during the week, so HERE YA GO. Sunday was actually pretty nasty that's why in half of these pics I'm squinting, how adorbz. Again, I used Claudia's tripod and I'm keeping it forever. She can cry a river. 

So, I don't know if you can tell, but I actually edited these pics! I've seen that most bloggers do, and it just makes the posts look a lot better. I will just have to work on le editing skills, bleh.

Have a good Tuesday..how awkward.


  1. you are so rad!


  2. thank you! you're extremely rad too, love your style (: