Monday, April 14

Playlist of the Week

I seriously apologize for my abandonment of this blog. I felt it necessary though at the time, due to the accumulating stress bombarding me from school, work, and people in general. It's my senior year and things are coming to an end in the next two weeks. Trust me when I say teachers like to pile things up. 

I also found myself dressing with the mindset of  'Oh, this will look good in pictures for the blog'. I was loosing sight of what this blog is really about- personal expression. I think some bloggers believe they need to constantly post and be on top of trends that really aren't that great. (#srynotsry) My goal has always been to be myself and share parts of my brain/beliefs with others, which is what I was doing the opposite of. 

And these are just some songs that give me the feels lately, ya kno?

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