Friday, March 28

Weekend Mantra (2)

Image from Tumblr

Chaos. Confusion. Discord. Agitation. 

These are all feelings coursing through my entire being at this very moment. 

School, work, friends, spritiuality, deadlines, graduation, moving out, being alone. 

These are all things I'm juggling and struggling to finish at this very moment.

But you know what? I am one being among billions. My problems may relate to some of you, but not all. My problems are not of greatest importance. And despite feeling all of these emotions, I'm happy. I know I am extremely fortunate, where others are not. I want to help others who don't have the opportunities I have. I want us all to unite, be merry, and always remember that we are all friends. We occupy this world, but it is not ours. We trash and destroy it, but ultimately, it is not ours to control.

So many new concepts are at the forefront of my mind, and despite how chaotic it is, I enjoy it. I love learning and experiencing new things that shift my paradigm. For this weekend, I hope to relax and push all of the impending projects and work out of my mind. I want to experience the Earth and press into my mind that everything will be okay.

To any of you who are super stressed with deadlines, schoolwork, or anything that puts pressure on you, just know that it will all fade. I highly encourage you to sit outside, stare at the sky, breath in the Earth that you are so lucky to experience.

ILY <3


  1. This looks so beautiful. DEfinitely relax on the weekends and drive that focus back into your work. I know how it feels to go 100% and burn out by friday.

  2. this is great advice, I know many people who have been feeling this way lately, including myself (at this very moment, actually haha!) its always good to take a step back and realize you are already on the right path and doing great things.

  3. I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog
    - you have amazing posts I must say! I followed you via GFC, keep in touch :) xoxo