Tuesday, October 1

Burning Hearts

Top: Thrifted / Shorts: Miracle Eye / Shoes: Thrifted 

All I have to say is that these shorts will not be leaving my body for a good couple of weeks. First off, they're super comfy, almost like I'm wrapped in a soft carpet. Next, I mean this print is completely mind blowing. I love anything baroque and antique-ish and this print is spot on. Lastly, the tassels. Who knew I was such a child at heart, all I did was shake my hips back and forth attempting to make the tassels shimmy. It was a lovely experience. So yes, Miracle Eye is genius and you should always look there for the coolest clothes. I got many compliments, mostly saying that I looked like I was wearing a curtain, which is fine by me. 

I also got these sunnies for 99 cents, what a bargain. I noticed my nails, sunglasses, and shorts were all matching. Yay for matching without meaning to??

So what you've learned from this jumbled blog post is that 1) Miracle Eye is the bestest and 2) sunglasses for 99 cents make a persons day. 

On a more random note, I've been obsessing over classical music lately. For some reason I've always wanted to learn how to play the violin. Most people think it's boring and old, but I love it and you should too. Just listen to this song before you go to bed, literally relaxes me so much. 



  1. yes miracle eye is fab and those shorts as well!
    You are just as amazing!

  2. I love the outfit!, the shorts are amazing,


  3. Those shorts are everything! The tassel details on the hem are so freakin' cool! Beautiful retro ensemble!

    - Anna


  4. Those shorts are insane! Love the tassels.

    Haute Hobbit.

  5. Love your blog, and those shorts are ace!

    New to the world of blogging, check out my new blog! :)


  6. i love those shorts! xx

  7. You're so pretty! This outfit is pretty cool too, and it has such a nice retro/vintage feel to it that I love :) xx


  8. Gahh I'm in love with those shorts! >.< xx


  9. Ah classical music <3 ok my favorite is berlioz symphony fantastique, bach goldberg variations (played my glenn gould), and benjamin britten and bernstein :D I love how your sunglasses go with your shorts perfectly :D ah your shorts! It's like all the best parts of an oriental carpet in a piece of clothing sdfhbjkdbqvie ahhhh

    1. I'm seriously gonna go listen to all those!! Thank you (:

  10. I love your style, so inspiring!

    I've been obsessing with classical music too. My friends basically think I'm a freak and I know it's a bit of a surprising choice of music since I usually like garage punk and stuff, but I just think it's great!

    1. Thank you! I know when I told my friends they were like WAAAAT???

  11. I Love this outfit..
    That top is Gorge!!
    Please take some time out & visit my blog
    Claudia xx