Tuesday, September 3

Belly Button Blues

Everything Thrifted 

This shirt/ top thing has to be my new favorite thing EVR. It's so airy and roomy, perfect for the stifling Louisiana heat. I also quite like my overalls folded over like this. I feel awkward when I wear them with a top underneath and it just looks very cramped. 

Also another weird fact about me: I love belly buttons. I think they're adorable. So yes, I love my belly button and might possibly get it pierced because I feel that's the only logical thing to do at this point. 

So I've noticed my pictures on here seem to be blurry or fuzzy. They are very clear since I use a relatively nice camera. Anyone know how to fix this? When I click on the pictures, they show how clear they really are, so idk.. Help! 

If you don't appreciate this, don't talk to me


  1. I have been searching for as cute overalls all summer! Love them!

  2. Love this you're a qt pie!
    Get your belly button pierced ice had mine for years now and wear a sunburst ring :)
    And I hve no idea about the photos I always ask Taylor to help me!

    1. Thnks bb! I really want to get it pierced, I'm just very squeamish when it comes to needles

  3. UM THIS OUTFIT!! Definitely agree with Caitlan about the belly button piercing! If not you could try a fake one? So many cool ones on etsy and then you could decide if you liked it or not?! And your photos need to be original size when you're making your post.. But your most recent outfit photos look good so I'm sure you've figured it all out :) xxx

  4. Thanks girly! I think I might do that, etsy has adorable ones!