Sunday, April 21

Feeling Like a Loser, Feeling Like a Bum

Everything Thrifted except shoes, from Elle 

Do you ever listen to a certain song, and literally every word describes you/your situation perfectly? I swear it happens to me on a regular basis. Right now the song of the week is "The Outsider" by Marina and the Diamonds. Check it out, yo. 

Well, on to more important matter, the outfit. I went to prom last night (pictures will be up sometime this week) and did not go to sleep until 1. That's pretty late for me, but early for all the partiers out there. I just couldn't do it, my bed was calling for me. Call me a grandmaw, I've already come to terms with it. So this morning I got up and went to Church, and I had to be comfy, this being the product. I got this skirt yesterday morning and some other things I will be debuting soon. When I saw it, it was love at first sight. It was the perfect length, light weight, and a totally rad pattern. What more could I ask for? I also got the belt, which I LOVE. It's just scrumptious. 

Last but not least, me being a complete loser, attempting to twirl the skirt so I just bust out laughing. Sigh..

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