Sunday, February 17

i'm a loser baby maybe i should quit

Top: Purple Cow
Bottoms: Mom's old Ann Taylor 
Shoes: Wendybox
Purse: Vintage Cartier 1990

woah...I've noticed when I wear mostly all black I literally look like I'm the color white. like a white crayon. CRAYZE. what? I don't know. Anyway, I just got this shirt yesterday, and I can honestly say it's sent from heaven. It's so comfy and it's got fur on the sleeves. Wut? I haven't whipped out this skirt in a long time, but it's one of my faves. It's really structured and stiff, it almost reminds me of cardboard? 
So let's just talk about that purse shall we? If you follow me on Tumblr, then you've seen this purse, but not in its full beauty. I was walking around the Purple Cow and I saw it and it was literally love at first sight. With a handbag, yes that's the only action I'm getting. Anyway, I looked at the brand inside and was like 'Um...Cartier made purses???' Yeah I didn't know it, but this bad boy sold for about 300. My dad was like SELL IT NOW. You crazy old man. 

Have a lovely Sunday, back to school tomorrow, Lord help meh.

Xx Damsel 

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