Sunday, February 3

giant middle finger to the world

Dress: Thrifted
Backpack: Thrifted
Jean Shirt: Dad's 
Shoes: Wendybox

Is it sad that I loved going to look at the lingerie section at the thrift stores..? That's where I got this dress and I love it. The Purple Cow is literally the only place I shop at now and I got the dress and backpack from there. I know it sounds nasty saying I got it in the lingerie section, but I don't care.. They have the cutest little nighties and things that can be worn as dresses. It's not like I'm wearing someone's bra or panties...awkward.

So I didn't really get my nose pierced if you can even tell in some of the pics, but Claudia and I ordered some fake ones online and they look legit. My birthday is next Sunday and we are planning to go to New Orleans on the Saturday and when we come back we are gonna show our parents. Literally they are gonna flip. Trust me I will get this on camera. 

Also, I apologize for the lack of posts, it has just been a crazy week with school and this week coming up is gonna be even crazier. But then we are off for Mardi Gras, so everything is worth it! 

Have a lovely Sunday! 

Xx Damsel 

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