Tuesday, February 5

birthday list ya heard

Guess who's birthday is coming up...THIS GIRL. I'm just excited cause Claudia and I are going to New Orleans to shop around and it's gonna be sick. I promise to take lots and lots of pics! 

Well these are the only things I really want, since I need to stock up on more shoes. I've been eyeing the Caroline Platform Boots from Boohoo for a while. They go with a lot, are super sassy, and I could most likely kill someone with them. Sounds perfect to me. I just found this skirt today and I'm super in love. I love the asymmetrical hem and the black and white contrast. Elise is supposed to be getting me the sunglasses which are the weirdest things ever. I know, I'm strange. 

Well, get ready to party it up this weekend! 

Xx Damsel  

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