Saturday, January 26

you wanna talk about motherrr

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Boots: Kohl's 
Hat: Forever 21

Button Up: Thrifted
Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: Thrifted 
Boots: Wendybox

What's better than going to an abandoned park on a Saturday? Nothing. We had more fun than kids would at a playground, that's sad. Today's weather was actually very nice, even though it got a little hot toward the end of the day. 

Oh did you notice anything different? Yeah, I dyed my hair. I know, so sad. I actually think it looks pretty cool, it reminds me of fire..We'll see what happens.

Welp, I'm gonna go do homework now. I know, total nerd. 
Have a nice day!
Xx Damsel

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