Sunday, January 13

Christmas Goodies!

Ankle Boots: Wendybox
Overall Dress: GoJane
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell x Human Aliens Alexandria 

SO, it's been a while, hasn't it? I know, I know I'm sorry no outfit post but that is because I was in yoga pants and t-shirts all weekend. We had a Confirmation retreat and it lasted all weekend. I did want to post something though so I put together some of the stuff I got for Christmas that just came in. 

Most of these items took a while to get in because of course the Louisiana weather had to be temperamental.   I just got these ankle boots from Wendybox. I highly recommend this website, it is simply amazing. So many awesome things for cheap prices. I've been seeing a lot of these shoes on some blogs and I decided they were pretty much a must. They are really comfy and look quite badass if you ask me. 

The next thing I got was this overall dress form GoJane. Love that website too and this dress is just amazing. I love the leather look and who doesn't want an overall dress..? The last thing you have already seen, but they need to be shown again. I love these and I'm pretty sure I look like a centaur with them on. They add another 6 inches almost. Just noticing all these things are black...

The last picture is something I've been working on. I have a lot of magazines with ads that I love so I wanted to do pin boards with my faves on them. I might actually put my favorites all over my closet door or something since I can't on my wall..

Well don't worry there will be an outfit post soon with some of these items and a couple other things should be coming in soon. 

Have a nice Sunday! 
Xx Damsel


  1. I love your site! Those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are fabulous!! I know what you mean about living in yoga pants - I did alot of that over the holiday xoxo